The city of Zagreb is capital town of Croatia with population of 802.338 people.

The first written mention of Zagreb dates back to 1094, when a diocese was founded on Kaptol, which shows that there was a settlement there before, 1557 Zagreb was first time mentioned as capital of Croatia and 1776 Croatian Royal Council (Government) was moved from Varaždin to Zagreb.

After a turbulent past from that time till now, Zagreb is today capital of Croatia and biggest city in Croatia, cultural, scientific, economic and administrative center of Croatia; according to geographical location of the city, Zagreb is bridge between middle Europe and Adriatic area.

Thanks to the role of the largest transport center in Croatia, a developed industry with a long tradition and scientific and research institutions, Zagreb is the most economically developed city in Croatia.

City of Zagreb is also sport center of Croatia. Many international sport events are organized in Zagreb, under the auspices of the city of Zagreb, which gives fully support to sports development in City of Zagreb, as well as in Republic of Croatia.

We will mention some of them.

1987 Zagreb was host of Summer Universiade, for which was reconstructed lake Jarun, which is today one of many sports and recreation center in Zagreb.

2016 in Zagreb and Rijeka was held European Universities Games

According to sports event, from 2005 Zagreb is host of Snow Queen Thropy, slalom race of the World Ski Cup, which is traditionally held in January.

2009 Zagreb was one of 6 host city of World Handball Championship, and 2018 Zagreb was one of 4 city host of European Handball Championship.

In both cases, Zagreb was city where was held the final of the championships.

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