Travel and transport information

During 12th European Deaf Handball Championship in Zagreb, Croatia for countries who take accommodation package, will secure transportation from Zagreb Airport to hotel, hotel to Zagreb Airport and from hotel to sport venue for training and official match and back.

In case country does not take offered package, and arrive by airplane, you take organization of transportation and expenses for it from airport on hotel by your own.

For countries which will arrival by airplane, we offer arrival in Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman.

CDSA will follow COVID-19 pandemic situation and inform you on time about all restriction in Republic of Croatia.

At this moment, for any entrance in Republic of Croatia every single person has to have negative COVID-19 test in last 48 hours and show it on entrance to Republic of Croatia.


CDSA will send you Transportation Form with information of arrival, please respect it’s deadline so that we could arrange transportation on time.

Information about health secure and COVID-19 pandemic

During 12th European Deaf Handball Championship, CDSA will secure the highest hygiene standard, according to measurement of Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Beside all necessary hygiene products, during Championship all participants will have all information about COVID-19 pandemic, as well as medical support.

Regardless all that, we kindly ask you to respect all measurements of social distance and hygiene during your stay in Republic of Croatia.

Please be aware we don’t have all information from each country about COVID-19 pandemic measurements and action each government make according to it. Each country should get all necessary information about travel from your government or Institute of Public Health.

  • All other passengers who, regardless of their citizenship, come to the Republic of Croatia from EU / EEA member states / regions, and which are currently not on the so-called green list of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, must present a negative PCR test result for SARS-CoV-2 that is not older than 48 hours (counting from the time of taking the swab to arriving at the border crossing point).

Please, check in your country what do you need for participating European Deaf Handball Championship, and let us know if you need anything from CDSA as organizer.

CDSA will follow COVID-19 pandemic situation and provide you all necessary information in future.

Please be responsible, take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy, follow instructions and information about COVID-19 pandemic in your country.

We are looking forward to see you in 12th European Deaf Handball Championship.

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